My First Video made in 1993

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🧓 Throwback Thursday 🧓

Now this is going back many years. 30 years to be exact. This was my very, very, very first topless photoshoot. We were just married, we have just moved into our first house and my new husband wanted to take photos of started then already 😜😅

There was a problem however. There were no digital cameras in those days. Only film...I’m old, I know 😉. And we were both too shy to have them developed! People will see! So what to do, what to do... We bought a video camera and took video of me. Then my husband digitised the video.

But the problem was that the quality of the video and photos were just so bad! It was 1993 and technology was almost non existed. Colour TV was a new thing for us 😅! We spend a lot of money, tried it once, and gave up 😲!! We had to wait 10 years for technology to give us the first digital camera. Only then did try again!

And we still have the original video digitized. I watched it again this morning and nearly fell of my chair laughing! If you think I felt awkward yesterday with the lingerie shoot, you should watch the video. I didn’t smile once! I looked like a wooden doll! It is so hilarious 🤣🤣🤣!

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My First Video made in 1993

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